Weekly or daily care for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years offered at Heartworks.

June 13 to August 17

Science Discoveries

Weeks of June 13 and June 21
Join us as we kick off these first two weeks of camp we exploring, observing and experimenting with some hands-on science. During these two weeks each little scientist will be introduced to many different branches of science, from botany to engineering, chemistry to meteorology and even astronomy. These two weeks are about asking questions making new discoveries.

Birds and Waterfowl

Weeks of June 27 and July 11
Listen carefully and look closely, is that the sound of a loon swimming on the lake, perhaps a mallard duck is looking for its mate. During these two weeks we will learn all about different types of birds and waterfowl as we make nests, go on bird watching excursions and even give some bird calls a try!

Enchanted Earth

Weeks of July 18 and July 25
The Earth is full of many wonders from the everyday to the fantastic. Join us as we create fairy homes, plant gardens, building bird feeders, and search for insects and other creatures and critters that crawl. During these two weeks, campers will discover the joy of the natural world and the environment we live in.

Life in the Ocean

Weeks of August 1 and August 8
Have you ever wondered why the sea is salty, where the waves come from, or why the ocean has tides? Come join us as we dive below the waves to find the answers to these questions and meet some of the most amazing and interesting creatures you will ever find.

Life of Bees

Monday-Wednesday, August 15-17
What’s the buzz? We will explore the life of bees, their habitat, the many uses of honey and how bees spread pollen. During this week campers will discover the differences between a Honeybee and a Bumblebee, the work of a Beekeeper and what can be done to keep bees healthy. Let’s explore the unique language of bees during this un-BEE-lievably fun last week of Summer Camp.

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